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What Are The Dangers of Dilaudid Addiction?

Dilaudid has been around the market for so many years now, and at the moment, a lot of people have developed a Dilaudid addiction that controls their lives. Dilaudid is a potent medication that can take over an individual’s life very quickly. If you or someone you know is struggling with a Dilaudid addiction, it might be essential for them to go through a treatment like Dilaudid detox. This process is done under the direction of a medical expert. It can assist to get rid of the traces of this substance. After the detoxification process is complete, the person can then check themselves into an inpatient rehab facility to get continued treatment.

There are many diverse reasons why a physician would recommend Dilaudid to their patients. Typically, the idea is to ease the pain. Dilaudid is the most prescribed pain reliever today. This drug is extremely effective in relieving pain, but, once they abused they can result in addiction very quickly. People misuse this drug which is very dangerous and can result in a host of health problems.

Symptoms of Addiction

There are lots of symptoms that can assist determine addiction to Dilaudid. This includes a strong desire or urges to take the drug. A constant difficulty in controlling drug-related action, evidence of a built-up tolerance, lack of interest in formerly enjoyed activities. Another sign includes continuing to use the drug, even if the harmful effects are known.


Withdrawal from Dilaudid comes with a whole host of symptoms. The physical signs of withdrawal include extreme pain, tremors, perspiration, tachycardia, cramps, chills, itch, flu-like symptoms, and sneezing. There are lots of other physical symptoms of withdrawal related to Dilaudid. Nausea and weakness are also very common. The psychological symptoms attributed to Dilaudid withdrawal include dysphoria, cravings, malaise, paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, depression, dizziness, as well as nausea. Other rare signs include strokes, cardiac issues, dehydration, seizures, and suicide attempts.

Recovery from Addiction

One of the first steps in getting over a Dilaudid addiction is to go through medical detoxification. If the body is rid of the traces of Dilaudid, recovery will be better achieved.

Detoxification, depending on the harshness of the addiction can last between a couple of days and weeks. Medically supervised detoxification is hugely recommended as it offers a safe and secure setting for the recovering addict. Also, medicines like methadone and suboxone can be distributed to relieve the pains related to the withdrawal.

Dilaudid addiction affects millions of individual for so many years now, but on the other hand, the problem is much worse for the reason that the Dilaudid is much stronger. If you know a friend or someone with a Dilaudid addiction, you should convince them to search for medical intervention. Without a Dilaudid detoxification, it is very improbable that a person will end up using this substance. Once detoxification has been successfully done, it is a smart idea for a person with a Dilaudid addiction to checking himself or herself into a Dilaudid rehab center.

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