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Pre-workout complexes have appeared relatively recently and are designed so that the athlete can get maximum endurance and strength during training. The pre-workout helps you concentrate, give your best, and work out at a set pace. The pre-workout complex will be useful not only for representatives of strength sports or bodybuilders, but will also provide invaluable assistance to those athletes for whom muscle endurance is important.

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Components included in pre-workout complexes

The pre-workout can be single or multicomponent. One-component ones are used to increase power performance or endurance, multicomponent ones – they act in a complex, but in both cases, natural components are used for their manufacture. Most pre-workouts contain creatine, which, when absorbed into the muscles, increases strength, as well as essential amino acids that suppress metabolism and promote rapid recovery during exercise.

Multi-component sports nutrition may also contain:

  • Arginine, which increases blood circulation, which ensures its flow to the muscles;
  • Caffeine, which acts as an energy and concentration enhancer;
  • Vitamins and minerals that contribute to the effective performance of loads, replenish the reserves of substances that are quickly consumed during training;
  • Geranium extract, similar to caffeine, but more potent;
  • Taurine, which has a stimulating effect to increase training intensity;
  • Beta alanine, which makes it possible to postpone the moment of muscle acidification, thereby making it possible to perform more approaches.

A pre-workout sports nutrition may contain a different set of the above components, and it is impossible to argue that any one is better. It all depends on what kind of sport you are doing, which of the components gives you more energy or endurance, but it is definitely worth remembering that some components can cause excitation of the nervous system. Therefore, it is recommended to take Xpedite pre-workout complexes at least 4-5 hours before bedtime and only on training days, observing the recommended dosage indicated on the package.

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