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Free Couples Rehab Now Available

Free couples rehab can be difficult to find. Many religious organizations provide free treatment as part of their ministry services. There are also non-profit rehab organizations that provide low to no cost treatment for addicted couples. These free programs are rare, but if you put your efforts into researching, you will definitely find one.

Is Couples Rehab the Right Option?

There are some instances where couples rehab is not an option such as if one partner doesn’t want to continue the relationship after rehab or if one is unwilling. However, couples rehab provides the most hope for saving a relationship. For addicted partners, couples rehab provides the help they need to overcome enabling and codependency. If you don’t know how to convince your partner to go to rehab together, you can talk to a professional first to guide you throughout the process. Here are the reasons why going to free couples rehab could be the solution that you’re looking for.

Couples Therapy

You will go through the process together. Various factors contribute to addiction such as past experiences, stressful life situations, upbringing, genetics, environment and biological contributors like mental illness and poor health. Couples therapy will help you start to realize the cause of the problem and move forward. You will learn how to communicate with each other healthily as well as know how to express the emotions that come along with the recovery process.

Education and Support

Couples rehab provides partners with a shared vision for the future. They can meet other couples who are also seeking to fix their relationships. When a couple attends rehab together, they start to understand how the addiction really works. They will learn about their cravings and triggers. If only one partner is addicted, the other partner can learn to understand what his or her partner is going through. Knowing what they are really facing is an important part of sobriety. Couples can get this education and support together, which will strengthen their relationship.

Recognize and Solve the Problem Together

Most people avoid seeking treatment because they are afraid to start the journey of recovery alone. Going to couples rehab allows them to move forward together and work on the addiction and their relationship. If one partner is an addict and the other isn’t, the latter can feel helpless and unsure of the next step to take. It’s important to identify the signs of addiction and get help. Some of these signs include making promises to stop but not following through, hiding illegal substances around the house and money disappearing.

Get the Right Resources and Tool

Couples rehab centers provides partners with the right resources and tools to achieve sobriety. These tools include education about addiction, a plan for moving forward after treatment and couples therapy. Couples can also detox with support. Alcohol and drug detox is physically and mentally exhausting. Withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, tremors, fatigue, paranoia, nausea and vomiting, irritability, trouble concentrating and headaches. The support and safety of rehab facilities can ease this process.


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