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Tips On How Patients Can Feel Empowered When Taken To The ER

Hundreds of patients are rushed to the hospital’s emergency room every day due to different health conditions and accidents that we never thought of happening to us. Sometimes the medical experts have to subdivide their team because two or more people arrived at the same time but they were trained in this situation. When you are a part of the ER department, you have to be tough and always ready to provide care no matter how urgent it is.

There are even times when they are eating, having a nap, resting, or in the comfort room but once a patient arrives, they need to hurry and attend to you as soon as they can. Time is very important for them so sometimes, how they look does not matter, especially when they are just coming from sleep. These people care more about helping the patients and saving them from life-threatening situations rather than looking good, combing their hair, or washing their face.

So if you are in the emergency room, you will notice that some of the medical experts may look like a mess but you don’t have any idea about what they have gone through. You may check various medical facilities online, such as southshoreer.com and you will know how skilled these people are which only means that we cannot judge them by their looks. I guess it would be great to know what they can do and how competitive they are because that is one way to help patients on how to be empowered when in the ER.

In the Ambulance

Your family or friend may have called for medical assistance that’s why an ambulance came to pick you up so everybody just wants the driver to reach the emergency room fast. You should know that every ambulance comes with some staff who are trained to provide first-aid and medical services to help patients reach the facilities comfortably. They are not just any staff to come and send you to the nearest hospital or facility because they know what to do in emergency cases.

Pretty sure that your family or friend will call a reputable hospital so you don’t have to worry about where you are going. By the way, an ambulance is equipped with basic and important tools or equipment, as well as a first-aid kit that can help feel comfortable. They may provide you with an oxygen or IV line, take your blood pressure and pulse, or may even inject you with something to ease your condition – look at this for further reading.

If you already have a doctor, then he must be informed about the emergency so that he can come right away. But if you don’t have one, then an available physician will attend to your urgent needs and the ER department always have stand-by medical experts so there will be professionals who will look after your care.

On your Arrival

From the ambulance, the EMT team will transfer you to the ER so depending on your condition, they will provide you with a wheelchair or move you to a hospital bed. You or someone who accompanied you may answer all the questions that the nurse will ask and it is important to give all the information they need. During this time, it is a must to have someone beside you to lessen the stress and to keep you calm.

Do not be afraid because you are not alone. You are with your family member or friend who does not even know anything about your health condition. Instead, feel safe because doctors and nurses who know more about your sickness are just around. At least, you now have people who will treat you so you should have peace of mind and not think of negative stuff.

Waiting Time

If your condition is serious, tests will be performed immediately and you may be moved to a private room for urgent care and to get the right treatment so you’ll be fine. But if the severity of the condition dropped and the patient felt better after some treatment, then you may be released.

This only means that your illness is not that serious, though you may be asked to perform laboratory tests for diagnostic purposes. Do not feel nervous when taking tests because this is to properly diagnose you. In this way, you will know more about your illness and the doctor can treat you better.

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