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Weight loss: 4 things to know about coolsculpting

Refine some areas of the body through the cold, you’re tempted? We explain exactly what it is.

Non-surgical anti-fat techniques are on the rise according to the experts gathered at the last Congress of surgeons and aesthetic doctors in Paris. Among them, CoolSculpting seems to be gaining popularity since its launch in 2010 in the United States. Nearly 425,000 procedures were registered worldwide in 2015, according to figures quoted by AFP. Here is a little guide to things to know before attempting this slimming method.

What is it?

The coolsculpting allows to lose part of the fat cells in specific areas of the body (belly, thighs, arms, buttocks, etc.) without intervention, needles, incisions or anesthesia. The surgeon places a special device on the selected part of the body. It cools it and thus destroys the fat cells without affecting the other cells.

Is it suitable for everyone?

This technique is recommended for people who wish to refine a specific area of ​​their body. For good results, the procedure should be accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise. Overweight or obese people can not rely on coolsculpting to lose weight.

How’s it going?

After an appointment with the doctor to define your desires, your needs and your physical condition, we go to the application. The device processes only one area at a time. It acts thanks to a suction work coupled to the effect of a cold gel pad placed on the area concerned. This technique is supposed to be fast (about an hour) and painless, but the first few minutes, before the cold anesthetizes the skin, can be unpleasant. So it is better than Cosmetic Weight Loss Procedures.

What are the results?

Once the process is complete, the doctor massages the treated part to distribute the cells and promote the loss of fat. After a few days of swelling and numbness, the skin regains its normal appearance. The results are noticeable after two to three weeks, depending on the person. The body will continue to eliminate fat cells for several months, and for optimal efficiency, you have to eat and play sports. Count still about 600 euros for each area to treat.

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