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Acute facts of Surrogacy!

Surrogacy is a normal way out to help you to start a happy family when all other attempts fail. When it comes to usage of surrogacy there are millions of myths associated with it and our social societies yet finds it difficult to accept it. But truly speaking there is nothing wrong in approaching a surrogate and choice for the same should be totally kept on the intended parents. Surrogacy is the simplest process when you wish to bear the fruitful joy of having a baby.  In order to settle the confusion, we bring to you the facts of surrogacy that are must to know; some of them are as follows.

In the medical terms surrogates are of two types; which are well diversified as traditional surrogate and gestational surrogates.

Traditional surrogate:- The Process of artificial insemination with father’s sperm is done on the tradi

tional surrogate. For the full term of pregnancy, surrogate will carry and deliver the baby. Once this process is done, she handovers the baby to couple who approached her to take this vital step.

In this case the traditional surrogate will be her biological mother. In the process of surrogacy even donor sperm can be used. In this case donor’s eggs are not required because traditional surrogate will use her own eggs.

Gestational surrogates:- Through the process of IVF and advanced level of technology it has become utmost possible to collect eggs from the mother and later fertilize it with sperm of father. In the next stage the placement of embryo in uterus is done into gestational surrogate. This type of surrogacy is generally used by females who are not successful in producing healthy quality of eggs. One of the plus advantage is there is no genetically relation to child unlike traditional surrogacy. IVF surrogacy cost is relatively towards higher side because in this case you will need to utilize donor eggs. This type of surrogacy is the most demanded thing around the world.

Here are some top most things you should consider while choosing a surrogate:-

  1. Age factors: – In order to have successful IVF treatments it is important surrogate mother should be young but not below 21 years of age. IVF hospital in Mumbai is helpful in finding you with the best donors with healthy medical history and surrogates who have completed their legal age.
  2. Prenatal care: – Pregnancy is always a mixed bag of emotions but overcoming with the same is an art. A happy surrogate can only rise up a child; depression could even affect the health of infant kid. Surrogate mothers should be fully aware of do and don’ts during pregnancy.
  3. Medical history:- If you wish to avoid any risks of disorders or problems passing off to your child then its recommended to know complete medical history. A thorough medical test yet is required to now the present status and conditions.
  4. Lifestyle factors:- In order to avoid any future complications; it is must to know the medical history right from the start phase. Knowing the likes and dislikes also could do wonders when it comes to taking care on the prenatal stage.
  5. Acceptance to all legal matters and documentation:- Surrogacy could be a complex thing if all the laws are not successfully fulfilled therefore utmost care in this matter should be taken care of. If the surrogate has given birth to one child successfully then it could be considered as fruitful for you. However finding a surrogate could be a tedious task but many of the infertility clinic in Mumbai could provide you with the same.
  6. Transparency and clear policies:- In order to avoid any kind of misconceptions keep the policies with the surrogates crystal clear. Two partners intending to be parents could decide how they want to be friends after delivering the baby.

Ultimately the decision of using a surrogate should of both intending parents and when ready for taking this step, do approach reputed doctors. Carrying baby for 9 months could bring lot of mood swings even to surrogate mothers, keeping her happy and treating her properly will easily avoid any kind of future complications.

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